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Insulating Oil Services

We supply new and reconditioned insulating oil, recondition your oil, purchase used oil, oil testing and monitoring services.

Transformers are able to keep operating because of the paper that provides the mechanical strength to hold them together. This paper not only provides mechanical strength but dielectric strength and dielectric spacing too, enabling the transformer to withstand mechanical vibration, switching surges, line surges and limited short circuits. However, as the transformer ages the paper insulation loses this ability. To try to minimize this, the transformer also contains mineral oil - to provide the paper insulation with protection, in the form of dielectric strength and cooling. Because this oil is an organic compound it too degrades and oxidises, reducing its effectiveness and protective abilities. And that’s where we come in.

We can supply:

  • New Insulating Oil in Bulk, Mini Bulk and Barrels.
  • Reconditioned Insulating Oil in Bulk, Mini Bulk and Barrels.
  • Reconditioning of customers oil, on or off site
  • Oil condition testing and monitoring services
  • On or Off Site storage of customers oil